Nestled in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta, Pavilion Structures stands tall as a testament to over two decades of engineering excellence across North America. With a rich heritage, Pavilion is the maestro of fabric-covered edifices, versatile enough to find relevance in diverse sectors - be it agriculture, sports facilities, aerospace, or the heavy industry. Their craftsmanship isn't just about erecting structures but tailoring each one to its purpose.

Aligning with their ethos of precision and excellence, we at SiteWebster, sculpted a digital canvas that resonates with their brand's vibrancy. The website is bathed in Pavilion's signature colours, providing visitors with a visual tour through galleries that spotlight their iconic projects.

Optimized for every screen size, the website makes navigation a breeze, while intuitive contact forms and strategically placed calls to action ensure that the path to collaboration is but a click away. Dive into Pavilion Structures' digital domain, and witness the confluence of tradition, innovation, and craftsmanship.

What The Client Says

"SiteWebster completed a redesign of our commercial page. Mike was a pleasure to work with. Professional, fast response time, great insights and suggestions that created a great end product. Mike worked as a natural extension of our marketing team. Highly recommend."

- Dustin D.
D-Unity Group
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